Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adding More Illustrations

When I looked over all of the drawings that I have created thus far, I realized that there were more that I wanted to add for the story. I believe that pictures are a crucial part in a children's book. It helps them to create in their mind what is going on in the story. A simple doorway into their imagination. So I will be creating a few more drawings before I begin on this book. I have great ideas for this book and I hope that you (the reader) enjoy the finished product with your children and grandchildren.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Illustrations Completed

Hi everyone. This is Josh. My author has finally completed the illustrations for my very first book. I can't wait to see them. Actually, I cannot wait to find out what happens to me on my very first adventure. Stay tuned for more updates.

Josh's Wild Imagination

Meet Josh, a happy little 4 year old boy who has an active imagination. Josh always wondered what went on inside the refrigerator when no one was there. One day while Josh is looking in the fridge for some cheese sticks he meets The Fruggies. Join Josh on his adventures inside the refrigerator.